Friday, December 2, 2011

9 Days!!!!!

Thank you all for the birthday wishes. I did have a wonderful day.  No stitching stash but I did get some cash so I will be ordering something soon!!!  My fingers have been itching for Elizabeth for a couple of months now so I'm pretty sure she will be in the mail soon.  However I did have a very interesting experience the other day.....

It started out innocently enough.  I just popped over to see my new BFF, Joyce.  "Let's see what she's been working on.  A finish!  Look at Ivy!!!  Isn't she stunning.  Well I must congratulate Joyce on the finish."  So as I'm commenting this little thought is going through my head.  "Wow.  Ivy really is beautiful.  No, no, she's a fairy.  I'm sure hubby will not like a fairy.  Wonder where Joyce met her husband?"  Caught up in my own thoughts, I did notice a slight tightening in my arm but really was in my own little world and never gave it a second thought.  A day or two later I popped over to say hello to Joyce again.  Ivy is finished finished.  I say to myself, "look at that finish."  Yes, I had seen Fern before - she's beautiful as well.  "And look how they are displayed in Joyce's closet.  What an amazing idea.  I have a walk in closet.  I wonder how she did that finish?  I'll just ask."  Never even noticed the arm getting tighter.  "What's this?  Joyce did the finish herself?  And she's giving me the tutorial so I can finish something like this too?  WOO HOO!  What am awesome friend."  This time I did notice I was having trouble moving my arm.  But I must thank Joyce.  How nice was she to give me the tutorial.   "What's this?  A possible new start, Lilac?"  Suddenly it's like a vice has my arm.  I'm becoming alarmed, "Why can't I move my arm??"  Oh, Joyce, can you hear me????  UNCLE!!!!!!  See, I've added Lilac to my wish list on the right.  Somehow I think Elizabeth will be coming home with a friend!

So, what's the 9 days about you ask?  It's coming up on the end of the year.  And I have to say we do already have a nice long Christmas break where the office is shut down.  But also being the end of the year there is that ole pesky "use it or lose it" vacation thing.  We are only allowed to roll over so many days into next year and the others you better use them or lose them.  So taking all that into consideration and having a talk with my boss -----I'm only working 9 days this month!  I feel like I won the lottery.  Plenty of time to get the house ready and cook for Christmas.  We are up to 21 guest for Christmas Day!  But you know what else?  Plenty of extra stitching time too!!!!!  Who needs a million dollars?  Amazing friends, new stash and plenty of time to stitch - lucky me!!!!

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  1. Sherry.... ROFLMAO!!! You crack me up!!! AHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!

    Is this a good time to tell you that I also have a pretty pink whip that I'm not afraid to use on friends who is slow with their stitching? ROFL!!!!

    WOW!! That's awesome about only having to work 9 days!! You know what that means right??? STITCHING TIME!!!!! You have that walk in closet to fill up after all. ;)