Wednesday, February 29, 2012

End of February Update

I've done well with my goals for February. Here they are once again:

February Goals:

Start and Complete Lizzie Kate's Time for God
Start and Complete February Ornament:  Tree theme
Continue working on All Things
Stitch every day - at least a few minutes

I did finish Lizzie Kate's Time for God
I did finish the Tree Ornament (picture below) although I didn't get it made into an ornament but I wasn't planning to.  I'll probably save them and finish them all towards the end of the year.
And I did work on All Things (picture below).  Not much progress made, but every little bit helps.
I stitched all but 4 days.  Not too bad.

I'll post March goals soon.

Here is my tree ornament:
 Here is my progress on All Things....

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