Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fangirl February

It's so difficult to choose one designer.  But I looked around at the things I've stitched recently and Lizzie Kate seems to be in the majority.  And remember my husband gave me a new Lizzie Kate chart for Christmas.  Awesome!  I will start Lizzie Kate's Time for God today.  Here's a snap of the chart.

It's something I need to remember just now too.  Hopefully stitching this will help me remain calm and trusting with recent family developments. 

Can't wait to see what everyone else will be working on!!!!


  1. Oh, I love this design! I hadn't even seen it before today, LOL! =) Excellent choice for Fangirl February.

  2. It is so sweet..
    Happy stitching xxx

  3. Looking forward to seeing this one, Sherry!! :D

  4. Really love your chocie of design for February. :)