Friday, May 4, 2012

The Jig Is Up

Last night we were talking about the weekend plans.  Our son has a band competition that is about an hour to an hour and half away.  We were talking about some places we wanted to visit after the competition and I mentioned that I needed to get some more thread.

"What?" he cried.  "We just got you a handful of thread.  Did you already use that up?"  (Which is a whole different lesson to share with him, I guess.)

So I explained to him that my pattern had 90 different colors (some would require more than one skein in the same color).  I told him that I had pulled the colors I already had and that yes, I had bought 6 or 8 skeins twice.  I told him I was trying to buy it as I reached the section where I needed the additional colors.  (So I don't give you a heart attack when I purchase around 70 skeins of thread I thought to myself.)

So I got my project and showed him two sections that had small holes where I had skipped that area because I didn't have the color I needed.

"Let me see the project," he says.

You know I have been avoiding this for two months now.  But I got the project and showed it to him.

"Holy Crap!  So who are you going to will this thing to so they can finish it after you die?"

I know Heather told me she wasn't going to look at the completed project because she wanted it to be a surprise.  But if you want you can view Flight of the Kites here.


  1. I have a project like that - my daughter has already commented that she'll be the one to finish it. That pattern is beautiful. And your husband does need a bit more training - his answer should have been, "Oh okay, do you need me to come in and hold them while you pick?"

  2. LOL!!!! Yeah, my husband has pretty much accepted the fact that any finished project is a HUGE deal. He happy dances with me and yells, "WOO HOO!" if I actually finish anything. =)

    OK...I know I said I wasn't going to look...but you put the link RIGHT THERE and it was too much for me!! That's going to be bee-yoo-tee-full!!

  3. Aren't those like 6/$1.00 or something lol. I have a couple of boxes of floss still from when I was cross stitching. I've had to rescue them from my daughter's rooms a few times!

  4. That is going to be so pretty!!!